Food Technology and Biotechnology, Vol 31, No 4 (1993)

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Application of a Nondestructive Method in the Estimation of Flour Quality

Ljubica Stojak, Milica Gačić, Ljerka Lešić, Ana Puhak-Žeželić


This work presents the results of the application of near infrared spectroscopy (MRS) in quantitative analysis of param¬eters relevant for the estimation of flour quality.
InfraAlyzer 450 Technicon was calibrated with 53 flour samples previously analyzed by classical methods for content of water, fat, protein and ash, as well as for acid degree. The re¬sults of subsequent analyses were stored in a personal computer running the appropriate software supporting the InfraAlyzer and on-line connected to it.
Mass fractions determined by classical analyses were found to be as follows: 11.64-14.70 % water, 1.32-7.90 % fat, 8.48-1244 % protein, 0.39-2.26 % ash, whereas acid degree ranged between 1.72 and 7.42 %.
Regression analysis of the results yielded the calibration curve which was validated by the results of classical chemical analysis. The applicability of this method was confirmed on samples of T-500 type flour.


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